Have you got OR Do you have?

This is a dilemma I often face, especially with beginner or elementary students. Do you usually teach them the form 'have you got any brothers or sisters?' or 'Do you have any brothers or sisters'? [Here's an interesting discussion I found on this topic.] The dilemma stems from the fact that students often get confused,... Continue Reading →

Re-engaging teenage students

This is a follow-up to my previous post about a student who completely switched off during my first lesson with his group. I had another (the third) lesson with the group today, and here's what I did to improve the situation. How I tweaked my lesson After the first couple of lessons, during which I "studied"... Continue Reading →

Students switching off

I have recently started a new course with a small group of 17-18-year-olds in a school. The course is aimed at supporting the work their classroom teacher is doing, with a possible outcome being to then prepare the students for a certification. I had my first lesson last week, and as usual I prepared a... Continue Reading →

Does equality really exist in ELT?

Lately I've been feeling a bit pessimistic about the state of ELT. It feels everyday more like a club we NNEST are not welcome to join. When I look around me, online and offline, I see more and more people participating in the NEST-NNEST debate, affirming that there should be no differences. That gender, colour... Continue Reading →

This year I have been given many more YL classes at school, so expect to read posts on teaching children or teenagers. Contrary to what I believed, I am actually enjoying the new challenge. I will keep track of my progress and any difficulties or issues that arise here on this blog. As usual, thank... Continue Reading →

My #bucketlistchallenge

Following Hana Tichá's post and her challenge to other bloggers to write their own bucket list, I'd like to share my own list of 10 things I'd like to do in the future. Some of these things have been in my bucket for years, some are new and exciting. I plan to do my best to... Continue Reading →

7 blog posts you shouldn’t miss

Today I'd like to do some meta-blogging by writing about not some specific blogs -- you can find a list of my favourite blogs on the right -- but about specific posts I often go back to. They inspire me, help me, give me practical ideas, so I want to share them with you, hoping... Continue Reading →

What keeps you motivated?

Yesterday I was talking about motivation with one of my students, and so I started asking myself: what makes me invest time (and sometimes money) in CDP, in writing this blog, in reading and reflecting on my teaching? I guess the main motivation for me comes from seeing students go out of my lessons smiling,... Continue Reading →

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