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‘I don’t understand nothing!’

How many times have we hear this phrase coming out of one of our student's mouth? The student who feels she can't understand 'nothing' because she missed a word -- or even a phrase -- and so switches off completely for the... Continue Reading →

Delta task: real-life listening

In this task, I was asked to consider what is involved in real-life listening, and what the implications for classroom teaching are. Here is my reflection on the topic (I have dome this before reading the recommended book on the... Continue Reading →

Delta task: Why teach sense relations

In the online Delta course I'm following, one of the tasks for the lexis unit required us to take notes on why sense relations can facilitate vocabulary learning and make lessons more interesting. It also required us to refer to... Continue Reading →

Just a quick update: following advice I will be posting tasks and reflections I have been doing while working on the online Delta Module 1 preparation course I'm attending. The posts will be mostly my own reflections on the tasks, to which anyone is welcome to add their thoughts or ideas. Their purpose is only to clarify the topics in my head and possibly to get some feedback from colleagues.

Challenges for 2017

Here we are, the holiday season is over so we are now facing seven months of almost uninterrupted work. This is quite exciting, but also scary as I am going to face a number of challenges that will make everything... Continue Reading →

Delta module 1 – first month

After about a month of online course in preparation of Delta module 1, I'd like to share with you some of the impressions, feelings and doubts I have with this course.

Delta module 1 – first week

Random thoughts and my very personal impressions on the first intensive week of Delta Module One preparation.

Delta panic attack

This is going to be a very personal post, nothing about methodology, Dogme or classroom experiments. Something both wonderful and scary happened recently that I felt I had to blog about it: I have found out that I'll be undertaking... Continue Reading →

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