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About mindfulness in ELT (again!)

Last year I wrote a blog post about what I perceived as a commodification of an amazing Buddhist concept: mindfulness, or sati. Today, I would like to go back on the topic, after I've recently attended: a one-day Vipassana meditation retreat;... Continue Reading →

‘I don’t understand nothing!’

How many times have we hear this phrase coming out of one of our student's mouth? The student who feels she can't understand 'nothing' because she missed a word -- or even a phrase -- and so switches off completely for the... Continue Reading →

Exam preparation: a lesson plan

Today I'd like to share a lesson with you. It's a lesson structure more than a lesson plan, as it is easily adaptable to many exams -- I used it with all the Cambridge suite, but I'm sure you can... Continue Reading →

Freedom in the classroom: Open Sankoré

Free and open source IWB software that I find really useful in my everyday teaching.

Reflections on lesson planning

My considerations on lesson planning on a daily basis.

Freelancing vs working for a school

As some of you may know, I recently went from self-employed to working for a private language school. It was a welcome change as I was getting really tired of working long hours for peanuts, and after a few month... Continue Reading →

My own activity book

I read Marc's blog post on a very interesting first day activity book. In the comments section, Chris suggested every teacher should create a personal collection of first day activities. From this discussion, I realised I already do that, so I thought I might share my experience here.


Stemming from the news of a school apparently substituting punishment with Mindfulness practices, a range of articles and commentaries have been written in the past few days on the effectiveness of so-called 'Mindfulness' for teachers and students. Since I have been growing fond of Buddhism in the last few months, and I have read more than one book on the topic, I would like to add my two cents.


With the new school year come many changes in my life. Here's just a few.

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