Journalling and setting goals

I’ve recently purchased a journal (affiliate link) that is designed to help the user improve themselves and get things done by setting goals and reviewing them periodically. I’ve been journalling since I was something like 9 or 10, and I still find it helpful, so I decided to try this new experience starting from this new school year.

I want to see if I can survive the busiest time at school without becoming as stressed and bad tempered as I did last year. I’m hoping this journalling process will help me find focus and put things into perspective in the long term.Read More »

About mindfulness in ELT (again!)

Last year I wrote a blog post about what I perceived as a commodification of an amazing Buddhist concept: mindfulness, or sati. Today, I would like to go back on the topic, after I’ve recently attended:

  • a one-day Vipassana meditation retreat;
  • a two-hour training session on mindfulness for teachers.

I now feel I have familiarised with both aspects a little bit more, so I would like to update my previous post with some more in-depth considerations on the issue.Read More »


I’ve had ups and downs at work lately, and March-April have been and will be hectic. So today I would like to tell you a bit more about what I do to unwind after a long day of teaching, planning and travelling. These things are essential to keeping my motivation — and my life balance.Read More »

Challenges for 2017

Here we are, the holiday season is over so we are now facing seven months of almost uninterrupted work. This is quite exciting, but also scary as I am going to face a number of challenges that will make everything harder. I think I’ll need to have all my ducks in a row if I want to survive these coming few months.

[This post is just a reminder of what awaits me in this new year. In the future I’m going to write something on how I have organised my time and energies to deal with all this.]Read More »


Noticing in action

Since English is my L2, after starting to read about Second Language Acquisition and the theories on how we learn new lexis, I have also started to pay more attention to how I acquire new English vocabulary and structures.

Of course this is not rigorous research, I am just going to write about things I have noticed I do and how I perceived some lexis going from short term to long term memory. Before I begin, I have to point out that I am a language teacher and a Linguistics enthusiast, so I am probably more inclined than, say, most of my students to pay attention to new language and how it is used.

Anyway, here are some examples from my learning experience.

Read More »