Product vs. process listening

Sometimes coincidence is just too vague a term to describe a series of seemingly unrelated events which take you in a certain direction. However, for lack of a better term, I'd say it is coincidence that made me want to read more about different approaches to teaching listening skills. Coincidences Some time ago, Marc Jones... Continue Reading →

Self-observation in the classroom

I don't know if this word even exists in ELT, it's probably called 'self-reflection' or something similar. Terminology aside, this is what I've tried to do more consistently in the last few months: consciously noticing and if possible reflecting on the on-the-spot choices I make as a teacher in the classroom. When and how I... Continue Reading →

Why is grammar-translation so persistent?

Today I'd like to share with you some questions and -- possibly wrong -- ideas I had last week, during our Delta preparation week. One day we were reviewing the development of methodologies in language teaching (from grammar-translation all the way down to humanistic approaches and so called post-communicative era) when I realised how most... Continue Reading →

On Dogme and how a world map transformed my lesson

I have already discussed on this blog how I love the idea of materials-light teaching and how I am experimenting with an unplugged approach. So it comes as no surprise that last week I decided to unplug one of my intermediate-level lessons to see where it would go. The result was amazing to me. Some background information before I start:... Continue Reading →

Materials-light teaching

I briefly mentioned on this post how I love activities which are materials-light and conversation-driven. I might not have acknowledged it fully, but I’m starting to suspect Dogme has seriously influenced my teaching 😎. Anyway, last Sunday I tried to follow #AusELT chat on teaching materials-light, and even though I missed the time and couldn't join the conversation, it still... Continue Reading →

Are we getting it all wrong?

I recently read a not-so-recent article about a group of UK teachers who went to China to try to understand the secret to the high performance of Chinese students in international tests. The alleged results came as quite a shock. According to the article, the "traditional" methods used in China -- the same  that the... Continue Reading →

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