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Freedom in the classroom: Open Sankoré

Free and open source IWB software that I find really useful in my everyday teaching.

How to be a confident NNEST

Many things have already been written and said about the topic of NNEST equality in ELT. However, what can we do as NNESTs to improve our self-confidence and how students and employers see us? Last week I read this excellent... Continue Reading →

Sensitive issues and ELT

It all started with a notelt from Mike Harrison where he was asking if we thought it appropriate to bring up hot or controversial topics in class. I thought my answer would be "no". I remember my CELTA tutors telling... Continue Reading →

A lesson on Brexit?

Read why you should definitely try this lesson with your students, especially after Brexit.

Freedom in the classroom

A list of some free software I regularly use with my students.

Freedom in the teacher’s room

Why, how and what free software can be an ethical and practical alternative to proprietary software.

A NNEST and employer on the equity debate

I know I'm lagging behind on this topic as many bloggers and ELT professionals have already written and spoken extensively about it, especially after this plenary by Silvana Richardson at IATEFL 2016. And by the way, of all the things... Continue Reading →

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