My #bucketlistchallenge

Following Hana Tichá’s post and her challenge to other bloggers to write their own bucket list, I’d like to share my own list of 10 things I’d like to do in the future.

Some of these things have been in my bucket for years, some are new and exciting. I plan to do my best to make them all come true, using a journal I’m keeping which is helping me setting and working towards goals in my daily life.

So here’s my list, starting from the oldest dreams:

  1. Visit Japan
  2. Go on a walking holiday
  3. Learn Korean
  4. Learn Spanish
  5. Grow my own vegetables
  6. Become a teacher trainer or a DoS
  7. Write for this blog at least once a week for a year in a row
  8. Cook a vegan lunch/dinner for all my friends
  9. Meditate every day + Go on a longer (5-7 days) meditation retreat
  10. Be able to run for 10 or 15 km continuously

I’ll keep you posted if and when I succeed in making these bucket dreams come true!

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