This is going to be a very personal post, nothing about methodology, Dogme or classroom experiments. Something both wonderful and scary happened recently that I felt I had to blog about it: I have found out that I’ll be undertaking Delta Module 1 starting September. I’m going to take a part-time course while also working, but I have no idea exactly when I’ll be taking the exam.

I’ve read a lot of interesting posts and comments on Delta — for example, Anthony’s set of posts on the subject, Lizzie’s complete guide or Sandy’s conversations with Delta graduates. But I still feel confused and overwhelmed. I haven’t received a reading list yet, so to I started reading about second language acquisition theories.

When I did my CELTA, it was a very intensive but rewarding experience, so I expect Delta to be even more demanding — and possibly more rewarding — than that. I have to say I’m quite worried about the exam format, and the scary fail statistics I read online. But for the moment I’m trying not to think about it.

I hope I’ll have time to blog about the experience, but I doubt it.

That’s it, that’s all a wanted to share. Happiness and a little anxiety about embarking in this long and difficult journey. Tips, books, ideas, suggestions, cool drinks are welcome. 🙂